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Current Openings: Music/Choir Director

Application deadline: June 30, 2023

Preferred start date of Fall 2023

To lead the worship music ministry for St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, in consultation with the Pastor and church leadership, in a way that is consistent with the mission, values, and theology of the church.


  • Responsible for the overall music ministry, programs and volunteers at St. Andrews
  • Select and plan music for the order of worship in all Sunday services and special
    services, including, Christmas Eve (3 services), Easter, Reformation, Lenten midweek(Wednesday) services and Holy Week in conjunction with the Pastor
  • Serve as the Director of Adult Choir and rehearse with Adult Choir on a weekly basis from September through May
  • Develop musical teams and ensembles, such as handbell choir or seasonal
    opportunities with children
  • Actively encourage participation in St. Andrew’s music ministry
  • Ensure that the music library of the church is organized and maintained
  • Purchase new materials as needed
  • Develop and submit annual budget with the Worship and Music Committee. Manage expenses to the approved budget
  • Attend regularly scheduled Worship and Music committee meetings
  • Communicate faithfully with the Pastor, Director of Christian Education, and staff
  • Lead music with Sunday School children on a regular basis, as agreed with the Director of Christian Education
  • Connect to the life and ministry of the church


  • Provide organ and/or piano accompaniment of hymns, order of worship and choir anthems in all Sunday services and special services, including, Christmas Eve (3 services), Easter, Reformation, Lenten midweek (Wednesday) services and Holy Week services
  • Select and provide prelude and postlude music for services
  • Provide music for funerals, memorial services, and weddings as available (Additional compensation to be provided for these services/events)
  • Ensure the proper maintenance of musical instruments
  • Manage relationships with external service providers, such as piano tuners and organ technicians
  • Arrange for a substitute accompanist when needed (for either regular services or
    additional services like funerals, weddings, memorials, etc.).


  • Bachelor’s degree in Music or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency on organ and/or piano (Organ strongly preferred)
  • Knowledge of Lutheran Liturgy and/or experience leading liturgical worship(Preferred)
  • Effective planning and communication skills
  • Strong and effective interpersonal skills


  • Ability to conduct and lead choirs and instrumentalists
  • Skill/Ability in a wide range of musical styles
  • Ability to train and develop musical ensembles consisting of volunteers at a variety of skill levels
  • Ability to lead the congregation in music during worship
  • Ability to accompany musicians


  • At least three years’ experience in a church setting
  • Leading choral, instrumental groups and soloists
  • Comfortable working with children (leading/teaching children’s music in a group setting)