Greetings From Our Pastor

We are so glad that you are exploring our faith community and hope that you will discover God’s grace and the love of Christ wherever you are in your faith journey. Many who have become a part of St. Andrew’s have been blessed by:

  • Historic liturgy
  • Music from various times and places for all ages
  • Teaching and preaching at the intersection of the Bible, faith experience, and daily life
  • Multiple generations gathered together around worship and learning, food and fun
  • An accredited Nursery School rooted in learning through exploration and play.
  • Meaningful community service
  • Safe places to ask questions and grow in faith

We value transformation and recognize that each and every one of us is a work in progress. God is never finished with us and is always nudging us toward greater well being and growth for the sake of the world.  Whether you are interacting with us in worship, education, or service, in person or on line, we hope that you find this community to be a place of growth for you.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Mueller