2021-2022_Adult Ed Calendar-Flyer

Adult Education begins September 19th at 9:30am

September 19th- Sheep and Shepherds in the Bible with David Willauer in the Hospitality Room

Sheep are the most-mentioned animal in the Bible with more than 500 references to sheep, shepherding, and flocks. This class will explore a sampling of those passages in order to better understand and celebrate God’s plan of redemption through Christ, the perfect sacrificial and conquering Lamb.

September 19th – Seeing Gray with David Enlow in the Conference Room

This video and discussion series helps us as Christians living in a politically, morally, and religiously polarized nation to move beyond black and white thinking to a middle ground rooted in truly listening, learning, and loving.

October 24th – How the Bible Actually Works with Pastor Mueller in the Hospitality Room

If the Bible is not a science book, a history book, a rulebook, or a how to manual than what is it? Based on the book, “How the Bible Actually Works” by Pete Enns, this class will examine how to wrestle with the Bible in its context and the wisdom and inspiration that it can offer us today.

November 7th – Praying with the Bible with Karen Enlow, Betty Jane Green, and Pattee Kissinger in the Hospitality Room

Please join us to find out what the Bible teaches us about prayer. We willl learn, discuss, and share with each other how praying with the Bible can enhance our prayer experience.

December 5th – Wired Word Discussion Group with Wendy Leinhauser in the Meeting Room

This class examines and discusses current events through a Christian lens.

December 5th – Christmas Through the Eyes of Joseph with Mike Duris in the Conference Room

While Joseph feels almost like a background figure in the Christmas story and does not have a recorded spoken word in the Bible, he has much to teach us about courage, obedience, and trust when we encounter circumstances that we would not have chosen for ourselves. This video resource, along with reflection and discussion, will help us look at the Christmas story through a different but powerful lens.

Classes will break on December 13th and resume on January 9th.

Thursday Lunch Bunch Bible Study Begins September 9th at 12:00pm

We gather every Thursday at noontime to enjoy lunch and take a look at the readings being used in worship that weekend. You are welcome to use a Bible of your choice, although the readings and discussion questions will be provided. There is plenty of time for your questions and deeper learning and discussion of these texts than would be possible in a worship setting, in person or on line.

Men’s Breakfast continues – via Zoom

We gather on the first Saturday of the month on Zoom from 8:00 – 9:00 AM and plan to continue in this format through April. Please contact the church office if you wish to be put on the Zoom invite list and to receive the book or any additional materials that we will be discussing.