It’s not just for when you miss church anymore.  If you have been following our digital worship content since the start of the pandemic through congregational email, our Facebook, or our church website, you will notice some changes this fall.


  • Content has been streamlined a bit for shorter attention spans
  • Less participants as staff and members begin to focus their attention on more in person ministry (choir rehearsals, Sunday School classes, sanctuary worship leadership)
  • Message will often not be a replica of what is being in said on Sunday morning but more of a reflection on a couple of biblical texts (including verses not addressed in church.
  • Most importantly, while this will be a great way to reach out to folks who can’t join us in person, the content is not just aimed at them but in fact will be good preparation for what we will be doing in weekend worship together.
  • This content posted on Friday or Saturday will in fact help us to go deeper into the themes of worship and perhaps make both worship and the week ahead all the more meaningful.

Keep your eyes open for “St. Andrew’s Weekend Reflection” in the weeks to come.