This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, Holy Trinity Sunday and a return to in person worship. We had our “soft opening” with our confirmation class this past weekend. We look forward to having our new air conditioning system on line this week and welcoming a few more folks to worship. (We realize that some of you will be traveling this weekend but this will give us time to ease into larger worship numbers.)

In addition to our sanctuary finally being available and air conditioned, the positivity rate for the virus in Montgomery County continues to go down while the vaccination rate continues to go up. A few things to keep in mind as we gather for worship:

Masks: As we are inside and singing we are asking worshipers to wear masks for a little while longer, This too can be relaxed once a larger number of folks are fully vaccinated. Stay tuned as we seek direction from voices in the county and our Synod.

Physical Distancing: Roped off pews remain in place for a little while yet but these too can be removed in the future with an increase in vaccinations.

Hospitality and Child Care: We are not having food and fellowship right now but are looking forward to hosting gatherings outside after worship later this summer. There will be no child care provided this summer.

Construction: Building renovation continues well into June. Please be aware of your surroundings and especially limited bathroom facilities for the next few weeks. (Pastor Mueller is refraining from his second cup of coffee and is encouraging you to do the same!)

Many Opinions and Comfort Zones: We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable coming back to in person worship at this time. We certainly understand that and respect that. Digital worship resources are here to stay and will continue if you are more comfortable at home. We also know that some people will find our decisions and current policies to be overly restrictive and cautious while others will feel that they are not cautious enough. As we said, at the beginning of the lockdown, we do not take these decisions lightly. The same is true as we make decisions for reopening. We also know that it will take awhile for worshipers and our leadership to make adjustments in worship to this constantly changing landscape with the virus and our construction. We ask for patience, flexibility, and forgiveness.

Our staff wishes you a truly blessed summer with reasons for hope in the months ahead.