Back by popular demand – It has been a long time (even before COVID lockdowns) since we have done “Ask the Pastor” in worship, your opportunity to ask your questions (anonymously with the congregation) about the Bible, church history, worship, St. Andrew’s or faith and daily life and have those questions shape the message in worship. So we will do just that the weekend of May 8-9 as Pastor addresses your questions at the time of the sermon.

One primary difference – he will not be answering them on the spot as they are being handed to him on strips of paper. (No fun, we know!) Rather we are asking you to submit your question via email no later than Wednesday May 5. With your question, also let Pastor know if you will be attending 5:00 Worship on Saturday night or if you will be viewing our worship content online. This will help him to decide what questions he will address at each service or if he will simply confidentiality email a direct response to your question. While Pastor will know who is asking questions, you will not be identified by name to the congregation, so there is no question that is too basic. Ask away! Help us to learn from one another’s questions.

Again please submit your question no later than May 5 sending your question directly to Pastor Mueller!