Back to Our Worship Space in one more week! (Memorial Day Weekend – Sunday @ 9:30 AM)

While we give thanks for the beautiful weather that has blessed us at our outdoor Saturday night worship services, we look forward to finally returning to our sanctuary, even as we move into the final phase of the construction process. We want to thank Dave Crist, Charles Armstrong, Bob Smith, our staff and our building committee for all of their hard work as well as the partnership between Lower Providence Township and C H & E Construction for making this opening possible even as construction proceeds.

We will still be having our 5:00 Worship this Saturday in the Outdoor Chapel and some of us will be on property this Sunday as our youth are confirmed. However, since our new air conditioning system will not be able to be serviced and put on line until next week (and it looks like this Sunday will be a scorcher!) we have decided to postpone public indoor in person worship for one more week

Summer Worship Schedule

Beginning Sunday May 30th (Memorial Day Weekend) through Sunday September 5th (Labor Day) we will be in our summer worship schedule with one service at 9:30 AM finally back in our sanctuary! We hope that as COVID numbers continue to decline we will be able to host fellowship following worship later this summer. This is a good time to connect with new faces and reconnect with people who you haven’t seen in a while.

Please keep in mind that while we have permission to worship in the sanctuary, this is still an active construction site. Be aware of your surroundings, and as we have limited bathroom facilities for the next few weeks as construction is completed, you may want to “take care of business” before coming to church!

Masks will still be worn for a little while during this time of transition and you will recognize some precautions still in place but we look forward to lifting our hearts and hands and voices together!

We understand that summer worship attendance is up and down (up the mountains and down the shore!). However, when at home, take advantage of worship in a more relaxed setting and pace than during the school year.